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  Paulette was born in Miami, Florida. She is the eighth child of Bishop Norman and Geraldine Reaves. She attended Miami Northwestern High School and continued her education at Miami Dade College, where she studied Business Administration and Court Reporting. However, Paulette changed her focus when faced with the opportunity to become a recording artist for TK Productions and an international artist for Capital Records in distributing her music around the world. The versatile Paulette sings R&B, Jazz, and Gospel music. After a very successful career in the music field, Ms. Smith studied Cosmetology and received her Masters of Cosmetology and a Medical Esthetician's License, which equipped her to open her own Salon and Spa. 

  Paulette Smith is a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur in Cobb County for the past 35 years. In 2005, she was voted as the President of the Mother of Professional Athletes (M.P.A.). The M.P.A. hosted several events around the United States, where the players' mothers raise money for the less fortunate. Ms. Smith understands the importance of hard work, determination, and dedication. She is also a mother, singer, writer and producer. 

  Ms. Smith is the former wife of Walter Smith Sr. and has four accomplished children; Kasola, Walter, Phebe, and former NBA basketball star/2005 Slam Dunk Champion Josh Smith. Paulette ultimately took a hiatus from performing music to raise her four children.  

  In April of 2017, Ms. Smith sang the National Anthem at the first-ever NRA Grand Opening in Atlanta, Georgia, where she warmed the hearts of all who were in attendance.


  Paulette developed a passion for the Republican Party and its principles in her early twenties. Since 2015, she has been on the President's Team, which helped President Trump become the 45th President of the United States of America. Paulette sang the National Anthem at many events and was highly engaged in educating voters on the values of the Republican Party. Her gift of communication, kept the voters informed about the importance of voting trustworthy and honest Republicans into office to Keep America Great.  Ms. Smith also shared the importance of keeping our Constitutional Rights and the Bill of Rights intact.

​    Her famous slogan, "WE THE PEOPLE... NOT THE 

POLITICIANS" has stirred the hearts and minds of millions of Americans who choose to stand up for their Liberty, Freedom of Expression, the Right to Assembly, to Bear Arms and serve their God, and their Country.


     Ms. Smith also worked on Governor Kemp's Campaign in 2018, helping him become Governor of Georgia. After completing Governor Kemp's Campaign, soon after, she felt a need to step up to the plate and do more. Therefore, she became a Vice-Chair for the GOP in District 36 in 2019 and, in 2021 she became the Precinct Chair for PM01. Paulette also joined the President Team, Sanity of Life Movement, Women for Trump, Blacks for Trump, Cobb County Republican Women Club, and the Georgia Republican Assembly. She served with great joy and love, working to keep Georgia RED and our country America Great. 

  Paulette is taking the next big step in her career by announcing her bid to run for a seat in Georgia's newly redrafted, 6th Congressional District for Congress. She will continue the "America First Agenda" of President Donald J. Trump.

  Paulette is preparing several Bills to present to Congress. She named the 1st bill Inheritance 65. This Bill focuses on allowing Americans ages 65 and over to no longer pay extended taxes on property, land, or house valued up to $500,000. If a parent died, the property becomes an inheritance to their children $500,000, and grandchildren unending. The Inheritance 65 Bill does not discriminate against race, class, gender, disability, or religion. Paulette Smith is determined to present this Bill to Congress for a vote. She has also written, her 2nd Bill called, The Family Inheritance Bill 101, which brings Great power and Blessings back to the Family!


 Paulette Smith will be honored to serve her constituents in Washington D. C. Together we can bring substantial change to Washington D.C. 

We the People Not the Politicians

Endorsed by the People for the People

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